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When did gay activists become useful idiots for homophobic terror groups like Hamas?

The delusion is astounding—and it’s spreading like wildfire.



Image: Kurt Bauschardt, Creative Commons license

Prior to the Cold War, Russian leader Vladimir Lenin coined the term ‘useful idiots’.

He used it to describe people who were easily manipulated into spreading propaganda that worked directly against their own best interests.

That was several decades ago, but the ‘useful idiot’ never really went away. In fact, it’s enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent months—especially among the gay community, where scores of people have seemingly embraced a self-defeating madness

For example, instead of putting pressure on the 64 countries that still outlaw homosexuality, or challenging the homophobia that remains curiously rife among the African-American community, today’s campaigners focus on Palestine as some sort of LGBT nirvana, despite the fact it’s controlled by a terrorist group who’d happily slaughter them.

So where the hell did it all go wrong? And can it ever be salvaged?

When the gay rights movement first began in 1969, shit was real for millions of LGB Americans: they repeatedly suffered police persecution, legal discrimination and societal shame. 

However, through years of hard work and tenacity, their activism forced a seismic shift.

First, in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. Two years later, in 1975, the first federal gay rights bill was introduced to address discrimination based on sexual orientation. Then, in 1978, Harvey Milk became the first openly-gay man to be elected to a political office in California.

By March 2, 1982, Wisconsin became the first state to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. Then, in 1993, lesbian and gays were permitted to serve in the U.S. military under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

More than twenty years later, in June 2003, the US Supreme Court struck down the “homosexual conduct” law, which decriminalized same-sex activity between consenting adults. 

Then, in 2015, the Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of same-sex marriages, capping a fifty-year battle for all gays, lesbians and bisexuals across the USA. 

Finally, we had achieved real and genuine equality. All the major hurdles had been defeated—hell, we could even adopt children. 

Unfortunately, this defining moment was precisely when things started to go awry. 

See, the more the movement succeeded, the more it became redundant and needed fresh causes to fight for. That’s when it was co-opted by far-left agitators who provided new agendas steeped in socialism, communism, feminism, identity politics, Marxist theories, and anti-semitism. 

Now, we are seeing the results of that. 

It’s why our once-united marches have disintegrated into violent in-fighting (a recent pride event in Philadelphia descended into a lewd street brawl), why modern gay activism brims with anti-American sentiment, why organizations like GLAAD are obsessed with JK Rowling, and why domestic activism has so much focus on foreign conflicts in far-away countries.  

Last weekend, at least two pro-Palestine groups marched in the LA Pride Parade: Queers For Palestine LA and Code Pink Southeast Los Angeles, both claiming ‘No Pride in Genocide.’ 

These people are effectively sympathetic to Hamas—a terrorist organization—and seem happy for the Jewish state to be eradicated.

Likewise, San Francisco’s pride parade actively excluded an Israeli float, even though it’s supposed to be all-inclusive and non-discriminatory.

The delusion is astounding—and it’s spreading like wildfire.

On June 2, members of Act Up—once an AIDS organization—stormed Fire Island’s Trailblazer’s Park to rip down a flag honoring Rep. Ritchie Torres, an Afro-Latino Democrat, because he advocates for Israel. His flag was replaced by a pro-Palestine one.

Thankfully, it was later ripped down by gay porn star Michael Lucas, who is a long-time supporter of Israel. Speaking to Outspoken, Lucas said he will continue to single-handedly fight pro-Palestinian propaganda if it continues to appear on the island.

“If the Fire Island Pines Property Owners’ Association (FIPPOA) allows this to happen again, I will plaster the island’s community center with missing posters of all the Israeli hostages. Good luck removing them because there’ll be more than one hundred.

“And ActUp activists are welcome to continue sending threatening messages, but if they get violent, they should know that I’m a tough guy who’ll have them airlifted to the nearest hospital.”

Sadly, not everyone has his courage or tenacity, which is precisely the problem

Many gay Americans have shamelessly allowed Pride to become hijacked by shrill, anti-semitic ‘progressives’ who are putting the movement back decades.

A recent Gallup poll from 2023 showed that acceptance of homosexuality has declined across the USA, even amongst Democrats. These findings were compounded by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute, which showed similar findings. 

The obvious explanation for this is that the movement is no longer about equality, but drag queens indoctrinating children with pro-Hamas BS

Nobody wants that, gay or straight.

Unfortunately, it’s only set to get worse as Israel’s war against Hamas rages into its ninth month. This summer is set to be a mass of pride parades doubling as pro-Palestine rallies, full of useful idiots who want to undermine our freedoms in the name of an ideology that hates them. 

They say pride comes before a fall. I’d say it’s already fallen.