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California Screamin'

‘This is like living in a Third World country!’ LGBT Californians demand Gov. Newsom recall

Members of the Log Cabin Republicans, Los Angeles get outspoken about California’s dire situation.



Several members of the Los Angeles chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans are demanding the state’s embattled governor, Gavin Newsom, face consequences for disastrous policies that sent the state spiraling into decline even before coronavirus lockdown measures.

From skyrocketing homelessness and housing prices, to rampant wildfires, to a decimated electrical grid resulting in routine, rolling blackouts across the state, they say Californians are fed-up. The state is currently facing a mass exodus of residents so extreme, says one man, that it’s nearly impossible to find a U-haul truck for an out-of-state move.

California currently has the nation’s most restrictive and draconian lockdown measures from the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, the voters point out, Gov. Newsom routinely skirts his own rules by keeping his own businesses open, attending lavish dinners, and sending his own four children to in-person learning at prestigious private schools.

An ongoing initiative to recall Gavin Newsom has received over 1.8 million signatures, just short of its stated goal of 2 million. The deadline for signatures is March 10, 2021.