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‘Do your job!’ John Umberger’s mother SLAMS Alvin Bragg after year-long battle to indict son’s killers in lawless NYC

Linda Clary urged the lax D.A. to drop his woke agenda after homicide ruling



John Umberger (left) with his mother Linda Clary // Courtesy of Linda Clary

The grieving mother of John Umberger has slammed the city’s divisive district attorney, Alvin Bragg, over his highly-questionable approach to crime in New York.

Linda Clary criticized the progressive prosecutor for allowing her son’s killers to remain at large, putting countless others at risk for almost a year.

Her comments come just days after warrants were issued for six men who actively preyed on victims in Hell’s Kitchen’s nightspots. All six have been hit with grand larceny and first-degree robbery charges.

Three of the suspects have also been charged with first-degree murder.

Speaking to Outspoken, Clary issued a public message to Bragg, urging him to do better. 

“Do your job and complete the task!” she said. “Your role is to protect the people of New York County, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, background or anything. Please do your job and do it efficiently. Treat victims and their families like you would want to be treated.”

Linda Clary with her son John Umberger // Courtesy of Linda Clary

Both Umberger and Julio Ramirez, 25, were murdered in almost identical ways after being targeted, drugged and robbed, then left to die in April and May, 2022. 

Initially, the deaths weren’t deemed suspicious, but Clary’s dogged determination forced a review by the Medical Examiner’s Office, which recently ruled her son’s death a homicide.

Clary, who spearheaded her own investigation into her son’s suspicious death, says she feels betrayed by the shady way everything was handled. Unsurprisingly, she says the protracted process caused her family unnecessary trauma. 

“Alvin Bragg seems bent on social justice, rather than criminal justice. It’s almost as if his actions are a form of reparations.” 

“His actions prolonged my grief because I’ve spent the past year in fight mode, which was an impediment to healing. He made a devastating situation infinitely worse. I wish he would resign as I believe this would be in the best interest of every New Yorker and every visitor to New York City.”

John Umberger with his brother Nate Umberger (left) / Courtesy of Linda Clary

Clary credits NYPD Detective Randy Rose with pushing the investigation forward. However, she believes there’s a much broader dereliction of duties among the city’s elected officials. 

“There is [definitely] a level of city corruption going on. People knew this was happening; some of them are elected officials whose sole responsibility is to keep us safe. They failed in their job and need to be fired.”

“I’ve also been told that if I hadn’t pursued it and gone to the media, the case would’ve been buried and nothing would have ever happened,” she added. 

Alarmingly, Clary says there could be as many as five different criminal gangs targeting gay men in New York City. 

“They seem to look for someone who’s isolated, even if just for a few minutes because their friends went to the bathroom. They charm their victim, befriend them, then go in for the kill – literally or figuratively.

“One of the reasons they target the gay community is because that’s a place where people let their guard down; there’s a camaraderie on the scene, a trust, so they play on that. Plus, gay men are some of the most financially successful people, so they’re lucrative targets. There are also people who are still in the closet, so they won’t report it if they’re victimized.”

She now urges gay men and their allies to exercise more caution, especially when intoxicated. 

“Don’t go out alone. Don’t let your friends be alone. It’s the same message we’ve been giving to young women for decades: be careful. Stick together. Look out for one another. Bad people are everywhere, sadly.”

John Umberger and his mother Linda Clary // Courtesy of Linda Clary

Her message has particular relevance now that Kathryn Gallagher’s July 2022 death has been ruled a homicide and linked to “drug-facilitated theft.” The 35-year-old was found dead in her apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on July 24 of last year.

Despite everything, Clary has still found the time and the strength to form an eponymous foundation in her late son’s honor. The John Anthony Clary Umberger Foundation will ‘inspire others to live boldly and make a difference as John did.’ 

This will include scholarships and wellness initiatives.

“Not only did I lose my oldest son, but I also lost my best friend and greatest cheerleader. There are moments that are pretty intense and dark, but I put on the public face because it’s what John would have wanted. 

“We are determined to stop these criminals from hurting anyone else.”