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Horrific details emerge in Georgia pedo case, but gay media remains silent

They’re too busy chasing down Marjorie Taylor Greene or crying about Florida.



Accused pedophiles Zachary (left) and William Zulock // Instagram

Approximately six months ago, when two Georgia gay activists were arrested and accused of sexually molesting their two young adopted sons, there was extremely little coverage of the horrific story. Gay media was particularly silent, choosing instead to vilify those of us who dared to call out the epidemic of sexually grooming innocent children that has swept through the alphabet mob.

Despite the deafening silence, some have been investigating this story behind the scenes. This past week, Mia Cathell of Townhall released a four part exposé detailing much of the appalling case. At the beginning of her piece, even Cathell calls out the media for being silent on this story. “Half a year after the shocking story made national news, Townhall is the only outlet following up on the criminal case in Georgia that has since seen zero headlines written about it,” she writes.

The first part of the four part series begins with a content warning. Over the last few years in my consumption of media, I have noticed an uptick in the overly dramatic use of content warnings for those weak and frail enough to have a conniption over seeing the word “woman” in print. However, as I read on, I quickly realized this content warning was absolutely deserved. I will not go into graphic detail of the atrocities those poor boys had to endure at the hands of these so-called “fathers”. Those who want should read the four part series, but be warned that it is disturbing.

I would, however, like to speak about the implications and shocking reality we find ourselves in after letting wokeness take ahold and turn what was an already broken system into a system that favors predators just because they are in a minority “protected class”.

In 2011, Zachary Zulock, one of the aforementioned accused, was arrested for raping a 14-year-old boy, but all of a sudden the charge was dropped with no trace as to why. Lt. Barrett of Walton County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia has now gone on record saying that the case “was handled in a manner that is inconsistent with today’s current investigatory standards but the law enforcement officers in the Criminal Investigations Division at that time have since retired.” The case has since been reopened, possibly now that journalists are asking questions.

While the case may have been dropped at the time, the arrest was still present on Zulock’s record. According to Georgia law, anyone petitioning for an adoption must undergo a thorough background check during which any criminal activity would surface. A spokeswoman for Georgia Department of Human Services even said, “All families are required to undergo background checks—including fingerprint-based checks of state and national crime information databases and checks of child abuse and neglect registries.”

Why was Zachary Zulock still allowed to legally adopt these two boys from a now disbanded Christian adoption agency that specialized in placing children with special needs in suitable homes? At best it could be that the background check was not actually done, which would violate Georgia law. Or at worst, it could be that Zulock’s troubling arrest record was ignored so as not to arouse the hatred and ire of a woke mob angry at the implication that a gay man is a pedophile. Either scenario is wholly unacceptable, but the latter should be a frighteningly eye-opening scenario and another example of how progressive culture is literally hurting people, and children at that.

Another question that remains is why the media has remained silent on this story, particularly LGBT news outlets. The Advocate is too busy obsessing over George Santos. They put out a new smear story every time the man takes a shit; it’s a little too Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Does the Advocate or LGBTQ Nation not condemn the atrocities the Zulocks perpetrated on these children? Or is it that they don’t view these as atrocities? The push to legitimize pedophiles, or MAPs—Minor Attracted People—as the woke call them, as a valid sexual orientation is on the rise. Gay, Inc. has yet to condemn or comment on that, and, to use their weaponized language against them, “silence is violence”.

From the facts of this case, it certainly seems as though Zachary Zulock had true pedophilic and intimate feelings for children. In speaking about the broken foster care system, he wrote, “To abuse a child (physical, mentally, or sexually) is despicable […] Our legal system is so F*cked up.” He is also reported to have said, “I could never foster because I have a HUGE heart and I would get attached to the child and would want to adopt them all.” Do these quotes indicate that he does not view his sexual molestation of children as abuse–he considers it to be an act of love?

The gay community, and gay men in particular, have fought long and hard to combat the stigma of homosexuality being linked to pedophilia. Embracing, legitimizing, and repackaging pedophilia in some sick bid to sell it to society seeks to undo that hard work. Gay, Inc. and gay media remaining silent on a very real case of gay pedophiles makes the matter even worse. Those of us in the LGBT community on the right have had no problem pushing back on the victimization of children. It seems like a fairly straightforward cause to champion. Instead of siding with us, the alphabet mob demonizes us for using cruel slurs like “groomer”. But if it grooms like a pedophile and looms like a pedophile, it’s a pedophile and must be stopped.