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Florida Woman

Christina Pushaw is a gay icon

Ron DeSantis’s press secretary has big balls, and we’re here for all of it.



Christina Pushaw // Outspoken

In the rise of Woketopia U.S.A. we’ve witnessed first hand the downfall of so many of our favorite gay icons as they become victims of leftist brainwashing. Former gay icons Cher, Bette Midler, and Barbra Streisand have become an unholy trinity of full blown political activism. Their mental instability and grasping for attention is now on full display for the world to see. Every time one of these once-beloved crooners posts something new and unhinged on the Internet, they fade further from our hearts and into irrelevancy. We all wish we could turn back time to when our favorite entertainers stuck to doing just that–entertaining. But, alas, that’s no longer the world we live in.

The demise of so many cherished cultural figures inevitably led to a new roster of badass bitches stepping up to take their place. These women garner our respect and admiration through a savage ability to hold their own in the face of such wild derangement infecting our nation. Gay culture has always been counter culture. Fashion icons like First Lady Melania Trump, or real life Elle Woods, Kayleigh McEnany, captured our hearts by embodying the rebel spirit that our community was founded on. And now we have a new one.

Enter Christina Pushaw. 

Serving as Press Secretary for America’s favorite Governor, Daddy DeSantis, Pushaw has cemented herself as a gay icon overnight and we are here for all of it.

Earlier this week, leftist gays stormed the Florida Capitol building in the Gay Insurrection of 2022. They were protesting the Parental Rights in Education Bill (branded the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by lying Democrats) and demanding kindergartners have access to state-sanctioned lessons on pronoun propaganda and gay butt sex. Christina dropped a bomb that annihilated their entire phony narrative and put them all on defense. She called them what they are: groomers.

It was a massive display of BDE that left us gagging and them scrambling- and when they attacked her for it she didn’t cave to the bullies. In true Trumpian fashion, she doubled down.  

When leftist keyboard warriors swarmed Disney for its silence over the bill, threatening a boycott that would never actually happen, Disney caved and expressed regret over Florida’s push for parental rights in education. Christina wasn’t having that either. She reminded the boycott bullies that while The Mouse might be a large employer in the Orlando area, Florida’s economy is massive and extremely diverse. Aside from tourism, agriculture, and information technology, “Literally Florida has a ‘Space Coast,'” she added on Twitter.

She then pointed to her boss calling out Disney’s hypocrisy in making money hand-over-first in China as they remain silent over grave human rights abuses occurring under the Communist Party leadership.

But where is the lie? Her stance is baked in truth. Why is the Left so obsessed with teaching four-to-nine year olds about sex through the public education system? It’s not just wrong, it’s creepy and very sus. And she exposed them all.

Pushaw’s unapologetic attitude and fierce offensive game proves this woman has big balls. In the fight against the rise of the groomers, Pushaw has allied with outspoken conservatives such as Arielle Scarcella, Brandon Straka, Christian Walker, Scott Presler, Tammy Bruce, Chad Felix Greene, and Log Cabin Republican leaders across the country to solidify her support of normal, sane gays–those who understand the Left’s agenda to sexualize our children and want to stop it dead in its tracks.