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Human Rights Campaign makes Black History Month all about them

For neo-Marxism’s Ministry of Sexuality, there’s no time to celebrate black history this year



Why put Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill when we could have Karl Marx?

February’s Black History Month usually means studying historical figures such as Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King, Jr., but the Human Rights Campaign–the nation’s largest LGBT political nonprofit–believes it’s time to forget all that boring old stuff to instead focus on sex and Nazis.

In a press release sent out Monday titled “Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David Calls for More Cross-Movement Collaboration at the Beginning of Black History Month,” the bloated non-profit dashed the rich history of black American culture usually honored this time of year to promote trendy conspiracy theories about legions of mythical white supremacists operating in the US.

“The deadly police shootings of Black people and the increasing number of Black transgender women being violently killed in the United States, in contrast with the pro-Trump insurrection, make something clear that we Black, queer people have long known: an inclusive, equitable, multi-racial democracy is not guaranteed,” the statement read.

“I invited all of us to work across movements to innovate strategies that will help make sure we remain united in the fight for full equality,” David wrote.

The Human Rights Campaign headquarters in Washington, DC // Glassdoor

The repeated claim about an epidemic of murders against transgender women of color has been long debunked, with data suggesting trans women of color are victims of violent crime at a lower rate than biological women. While the implication remains these acts of violence, when they occur, are racially motivated, facts suggest otherwise. Nearly every black transgender woman murdered in the US in recent years was killed by a black man, most often someone the victim knew and freely associated with. The myth, however, remained a regular talking point for Democrats during the 2020 election.

“A nation that stands back and stands by as Black people are brutalized and cast into prisons and graves, while white supremacist forces gain a foothold in our government is aimed for a future antithetical to our most treasured values,” the hysterical press release reads.

Critics say organizations such as the HRC long ago abandoned their stated mission as gay rights groups to become a sort of intermediary between global corporations and the Democrat Party, one with a radical, far-left worldview. For neo-Marxism’s Ministry of Sexuality, there’s no time to celebrate black history with so many political coalitions to build based around physical characteristics.

Recent salary data indicates David (pronouns: he/him) pulls in around half a million dollars a year heading up the HRC, which has a total annual revenue of $48.9 million and net assets around $13.2 million, according to Non Profit Light. David’s predecessor, Chad Griffin, made $522,428 in annual salary, according to Non Profit Light.

David is a former aide to New York governor Andrew Cuomo.