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Thanks to the crazies, even fewer Democrats now support gay marriage

For years, the rainbow cult has pressed a myriad of unpopular and unsavory issues in Americans’ faces.



Image: San Jose Public Library // Flickr // Creative Commons License //

Approval for same-sex marriage has declined nationwide according to a Gallup poll released last week. Overall, 69% of Americans believe that gay marriage should be the law of the land, a 2% decrease from 2022 and 2023, which Gallup claims is statistically not significant, but any decrease is something to take heed of.

According to the poll, the disapproval is seen across the aisle. Since 2022, Democrat acceptance of gay marriage has decreased from 87% to 83%, and Republican support on the issue has decreased from 55% to 46%. Both of these are statistically significant differences. Of course, propaganda-laden Gay Inc., outlets like The Advocate bend the truth with headlines like “Americans still support marriage equality by a vast majority — just not Republicans”, all-together ignoring the Democrat decline in acceptance.

The Advocate also conveniently ignores the most shocking revelation in the Gallup data. When asked about the morality judgement of same-sex couples, only 64% of Americans view gay relationships as morally acceptable. This is down significantly from 2022 when moral acceptability was at 71%.

Furthering their journalistic irresponsibility, The Advocate does not venture a guess as to why support for gay marriage is slipping. That’s probably because they do not want to fess up to the obvious truth: Their publications, their political positions, and their precious TQ+ mental health cases are to blame.

For years now, the rainbow cult of activists have pressed a myriad of unpopular and unsavory issues in the faces of Americans. They want books in elementary school libraries about how to give fellatio. They want drag queens to read to and perform provocatively in front of children. They want to allow your child to permanently change the genital and hormonal makeup of their bodies while giving you no say in the matter. They want to destroy women’s sports. They want you to ignore biological fact and accept their made up third, fourth, tenth gender. They want to take away your freedom of speech by making it criminal to misgender someone. And the slightest objection to any of these gets you marked as homophobic and transphobic.

When rational Americans look at all of these untenable issues and those slinging ad hominem attacks, whom do they see at the helm? “The LGBTQ+ Community”— this monolithic group becomes the boogeyman that pushed American culture down that slippery slope. And when a “queer” builds a slippery slope, trust that it will be constructed with Astroglide—the slide down into the absurd gutter will be quick and frictionless.

Luckily, some Americans have sought their footing, and they are pushing back. However, all lesbians and gays get the blame for the actions of a few loud voices. Even the sane ones are lumped in with the crazies. Within the community, the activist TQ+ minority has been allowed to speak for the silent LGB majority for too long, and the damage is now quantifiable. More Americans find us immoral.

Many of us on the gay right have spoken out about the homophobia and gay erasure that the trans and queer lunatics are promoting. Malcolm Michaels Jr., falsely identified as throwing the first brick at Stonewall and starting the modern gay rights movement, was a black gay activist and drag queen, but his real identity has been erased thanks to the lie that has been repeated time and again calling him Marsha P. Johnson and labeling him a trans woman. Today, we are forced to accept that sexual orientation has any correlation to gender expression. Young gay children who might exhibit slight signs of feminine behavior are pushed into the trans box—as if it’s better to be trans than to be a slightly effeminate gay man.

The falling acceptance rates of homosexuality and gay marriage need to be our warning sign. This can be reversed if the reasonable and rational gays and lesbians take a stand. Even many progressive gays and lesbians do not accept the radical trans agenda wholesale. I know because I talk to them on a regular basis. They are too frightened to speak up and be ostracized from the “community”. However, there are enough of us to make our own community and write our own narrative. The divorce from the crazed TQ+ activist set is of utmost importance now more than ever.