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The left are eating themselves over gay cannibal’s ‘inconvenient’ sexuality

Sorry, basic gays, but you can’t demand equality then expect special treatment.



Evan Peters stars as Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix's 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' // Netflix

Nobody is safe from the mob.

No matter how progressive a person may be, or how much a corporate entity might signal their virtue, there is no protection from the left’s pretzeled logic.

Eventually, all roads lead back to people with pitchforks.

Take, for example, Netflix. One of the ‘wokest’ media operations in America, if not the world, they recently came a cropper when they dared to tag their new Jeffrey Dahmer series, starring Evan Peters, as ‘LGBT.’

True, the notorious Milwaukee cannibal was indeed homosexual, and most of his seventeen victims were gay men, but accurately reflecting this seems to be inconvenient for coddled liberals who prefer feelings over facts.

Naturally, many of them took to social media to vent their spleen. 

“Why the f–k did Netflix tag the Jeffrey Dahmer documentary as LGBTQ?” one person said via TikTok. “I mean, I know it’s technically true, but this is not the representation we’re looking for!” 


“Imagine clicking on the ‘LGBTQ’ category and this is what you get,” said another irate viewer, before a third called it “so f—ed” for the show’s central theme to be unflattering. 

Such hysterical pearl-clutching lasted for an entire week, inadvertently helping Netflix smash their first-week record for most-hours viewed.

But now, in true cowardly style, they’ve quietly dropped the LGBT tag from Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and are softly rewriting history, which is both horrifying and hilarious; hilarious because it’s so revealing of woke hypocrisy, but horrifying for its casual disregard of truth.

I mean, Jeffrey Dahmer was a homosexual. Many of his victims were gay men. Even the man behind the new series, Ryan Murphy, is gay.

This alone makes the dramatization pertinent to gay viewers. But, beyond the factual accuracy, it also has a modern relevance. After all, the risks for gay men are still present. It has never been easier for them to meet total strangers online… and potentially end up at risk.

In April 2016, policeman Gordon Semple was lured to the London flat of Stefano Brizzi, who killed, dismembered and ate part of his flesh.

Eight years earlier, in 2008, former Mr. Gay UK winner, Anthony Morley, was imprisoned for the killing, dismemberment and partial cannibalization of his lover, magazine executive Damian Oldfield. He cooked his victim’s thigh with herbs and olive oil.

Prior to that, London’s Dennis Nilsen murdered at least twelve young men and boys between 1978 and 1983. Fittingly, he was retrospectively dubbed the UK’s equivalent of Dahmer. 

More recently, Stephen Port killed four men and committed multiple rapes. He was nicknamed ‘the Grindr killer,’ because that’s where he sourced his victims.

Yes, the chances of someone succumbing to a violent killer are low, but Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t the first gay man to murder. And he won’t be the last. 

Therefore, for gay people to complain about negative representation, and for Netflix to capitaulate in response, inadvertently gives young men a false sense of security. See, just like straight people, gays have foibles; they can be kind, generous and loyal, but they can also be selfish, violent, profane, criminal and a danger to one another.

Not because they’re gay, but because they’re human.

It also suggests they don’t have a responsibility to themselves or their community, which is false.

Back in 1980s Milwaukee, many gay crime victims didn’t report offenses to police. Not because the police officers were bigots, which is heavily implied in the Netflix production, but for their own fear of being outed to family or employers.  

Anne E. Schwartz, the journalist who first broke the Dahmer story while working as a crime reporter for the Milwaukee Journal in 1991, suggested this was likely a contributing factor in Dahmer going undetected for so long.

Besides, representing gays as equal (not better) is also part of society’s bigger duty towards equality. 

“Gay people cannot claim their contributions to history are overlooked, then demand history is redacted to present a whitewash of reality,” wrote one commentator in the New York Post.

“Not all LBGTQXTVYZLPVCXYZ stories are about rainbow endings and artsy romps with sculpted ab artists,” said another.

A third added: “This story is extremely relevant to the LGBT category: be extremely cautious who you pick up at bars or meet online. Take appropriate precautions like letting someone know where you are going. There hasn’t been anyone on the scale of Dahmer since then but there have been incidents and there are a number of serial killers that are always on the prowl at any given time.”

All of this is true. But, when gays start cancelling ‘allies’ like Netflix for pointing it out, the left begins to eat itself.

That’s a grisly irony given Dahmer himself was a cannibal, but, somehow, it seems fitting for the liberal self-destructive ‘rules’ of cancel culture.