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Fatphobia is the real national health crisis

Bigots say fat folx should go to the gym. But most gyms are fortresses of violence for marginalized individuals.



Fatphobia is the single most toxic form of bigotry after racism, sexism, and discrimination against neurodivergent BIPOC trans sex workers with HIV. While fatphobes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors fatphobia is most commonly observed in Toxically Masculine, Patriarchal, White, Cishet, Assigned Male at Birth (TMPWCHAMAB) individuals–otherwise known as the conservative man.

Fatphobia harms one hundred percent of fat people while fat shaming leads to severe mental and emotional health problems including poor self-esteem, fear of wearing revealing clothing in public, preoccupation with weight loss, and even reluctance to eat high calorie, fattening foods.

Myths about fatness are rampant in American society. The most pervasive myth is that fatness is unhealthy. False. A fat person is not an unhealthy person. While it is true that fatness can lead to serious and sometimes fatal medical conditions, it is important to remember that not all fat people will experience negative medical outcomes as a result of their weight. In fact, some fat folx are in better health than some thin-bodied individuals. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that an individual is unhealthy simply because they are fat. In the same way that not all unhealthy folx are fat, not all fat folx are unhealthy.

The second greatest myth about fatness is that the obese are unattractive. This is also false because physical attractiveness isn’t real. The concept of physical attractiveness was invented by the patriarchy to oppress cis women, marginalize fat folx, and invalidate the existence of trans women. While sexual orientation based on gender is unchangeable, attraction based on appearance is entirely a social construct.

You’ll often hear bigots say fat folx should go to the gym. But most gyms are fortresses of violence for marginalized individuals. Gyms also have been scientifically proven to be hotbeds of extremism and recruitment facilities for fascism and neo-Nazis. Most so-called health centers are anything but healthful for the elephantine among us.

Traditional gyms and health clubs employ horrific methods to coerce fat folx to give up their true identity and adopt a lifestyle of physical torture and starvation in order to attain the patriarchal ideal of thin-bodiedness. This is a form of conversion therapy and it is very dangerous to the fat community.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Taking a diverse, equitable, and inclusive approach to the wellness industry, I’m introducing my newest venture: Dr. Ann Lesby, PhD’s Flabulous Fitness. I am working with a team of experts and health gurus to start a revolutionary new fitness experience which not only accepts fat folx, but encourages them to be their true selves.

At Flabulous Fitness, words matter. The term “workout” has negative, fatphobic connotations which can be triggering to fat folx who have been psychologically harmed by images of skinny aerobics instructors and unrealistically attractive body coaches. That’s why at Flabulous Fitness, we don’t work out, we Work It! Our unique programs focus on moving in ways that make you feel good about your body, whether that means dancing to original music by ShaKee Bunz (Flabulous’s own award-winning BIPOC fitness instructor turned rap artist) or relaxing in the hot tub with an ice cold Strawberry Flabarita.

In this world of racial oppression and injustice, Flabulous Fitness’s Equity Program ensures equal outcomes for all participants. We encourage BIPOC fat folx to bring their thinnest white friends. If your white friend isn’t 30 pounds heavier in six months, we’ll refund the entire last month’s fees.

Learning to embrace fatness in a racist, white supremacist, patriarchal country can be difficult, but Dr. Ann Lesby, PhD’s Flabulous Fitness is here to change the way Americans look at fatness. My programs are not free; as a multi-intersectionally oppressed woman of color, I do not owe anyone anything. But I am a generous individual and offering readers an exclusive sneak peak at our summer course along with free tips on beginning your body positive journey.

The first step of Dr. Ann Lesby, PhD’s Flabulous Fitness Detox is to remove tags from your clothing, discard your bathroom scale, and cover nutrition labels on your food. It is time to stop thinking about numbers and start focusing on making your inner self glow.

Step two: Remove anything from your home which makes you feel shame about your body. This may include fitness magazines, mirrors, healthy recipe cookbooks, or even art depicting thin-bodied people. Be merciless. If your significant other fat shames you or encourages you to “be healthier,” separation is a must. Do not reconcile until they are ready to do the work of a fat advocate.

Step three: Dispose of all food items in your refrigerator and pantry that were purchased for health reasons. If you do not love it, pitch it. There is no such thing as “unhealthy” food as long as it is vegan, fair trade, and purchased from the race of the food’s origin.

To learn more about Flabulous Fitness, and to educate yourself on other important BIPOC and LGBTQIIAAPKS2+ issues, follow me on Twitter, @AnnLesbyPhD.