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These hairdressers have a message for Nancy Pelosi

Blowouts for me, but none for thee!



Last week, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stepped into a media firestorm after surveillance footage leaked showing the 80-year-old House Speaker getting a wash and blowout in a San Francisco hair salon. The footage also shows Pelosi not wearing a face mask.

Hours after the salon visit, the freshly coiffed Speaker appeared on MSNBC to lecture Americans on the continued importance of wearing masks in the waning days of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, and to express support for the continued shuttering of businesses across the nation.

In California, at the time of Nancy’s blowout, salons were still closed, only opening last week for limited outdoor services. Pelosi’s hair appointment enraged Americans across the political spectrum, but especially salon owners and hairdressers who’ve been forced out of work and have watched their businesses and client-base collapse. OUTspoken asked several hairdressers and salon owners their opinion of Pelosi’s perceived hypocrisies and how the shutdown has affected their businesses and lives.