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Gays vs. skid marks

The so-called Progress Pride flag is a fringe and divisive political symbol. On roadways, the medium is the message.



People riding scooters on the Progress Pride Crosswalk in Spokane, Wash. via The Post Millenial

Three teenagers in Spokane, Wash. were arrested last week for allegedly using scooters to leave skid marks on a trans pride mural.

Lime, the company that owns the rental scooters used in the unspeakable act, condemned the “vile” incident and instituted a no-go zone around the mural, meaning a kill switch will be activated if riders get too close to the sacred gender talisman.  

While the jury’s still out on which is gayer—the giant rainbow on the pavement or riding one of those scooters—the Omnipotent State isn’t taking this act of rebellion lightly. Prosecutors asked for a $15,000 bond and the mischief-makers face up to ten years in prison on felony hate crime charges.

Meanwhile, outside the White House on Saturday, Hamas cosplayers vandalized several statues during an anti-Israel rally, but no spray paint companies clutched their pearls and no arrests were made.

The trend of leftist political sloganeering on pavement is an odd deal, isn’t it? Rainbow crosswalks once were novel features in gay enclaves, funded by local community boards or business groups—and no one had a problem with it. Today they’ve become a standard feature in municipalities across the West. It’s even spread to small towns and suburbia.

Iceland’s remote Westman Islands—where the puffin population is about 6 million and the human population is 4,000—has a giant rainbow snaking up the high street asphalt. Last year, Alexandria, Va.—not exactly a gay mecca—quietly voted to permanently install its trans pride crosswalks downtown. Of course, during the Summer of Our Floyd, BLM took a cue from the gays and slathered its stupid slogan in diarrhea-yellow paint on roadways across New York City and Washington, D.C.

The left installs its hallowed symbols to bake in the ground and get trampled on by cars, buses, tourists, rats, pigeons. Maybe it’s a fetish for degradation—fitting for a group of people who get off on being victimized. Tread on me harder, daddy. I’m so low and unworthy.

In Islamic culture, exposing the bottom of your shoe, because of the association with muck, is one of the greatest insults imaginable, as President George W. Bush famously found out in 2008 when he dodged a flying shoe during a press conference in Baghdad. Apparently, the only thing that Islamists and radical queer activists do agree upon is that the gay flag belongs on the ground covered in dirt.  

Compare that to how the right treats its symbols, where this spring frat boys at UNC Chapel Hill went viral after they dived to protect Old Glory from touching the ground during a pro-Hamas rally.

The other explanation for these communist road murals is that the whole point is to entice vandalism. Paint a big target to antagonize your political enemies—on taxpayer property, to boot—and then cry victim when someone takes the bait. The BLM murals of 2020 were repeatedly skid marked and paint bombed—just more proof of what a racist country we live in, right?

In May, police issued a manhunt for a driver who spun out some donuts on the Progressive Pride Mural in St. Petersburg, Fla. A similar incident occurred in February in Delray Beach, Fla., where the suspect was charged with felony criminal mischief. In 2022, a black man in Atlanta was arrested for spray-painting swastikas, twice, on that city’s rainbow crosswalk. (Media refused to identify him or show a mugshot, unlike the Spokane boys, who were white).  

So much homophobia…or is it? Roadways are the ultimate symbol of government: the one thing, aside from national defense, virtually everyone agrees government ought to take charge over. The so-called Progress Pride flag is a fringe and divisive political symbol and, with roadways, the medium is the message.

While Americans are increasingly accepting of, or indifferent to, LGBT individuals there’s nothing anti-gay in rebelling against a state-sponsored religion. In fact, some would call it a civic duty (legally, of course).

If the government and every major corporation spent a month forcing broccoli down everyone’s throats, instead of women with penises, there’d be a broccoli backlash, followed by the brutes of the broccoli lobby using this simmering apostasy to justify why everyone needs even more broccoli. As tensions mounted, for the statist crowd, broccoli farmers would elevate to the greatest Americans who ever lived. In this house we believe in eating your vegetables! Trust the broccoli and Lachanophobia has no home here! Eventually you’d have streets hosed down in broccoli murals.

And at the end of the day, none of it would have anything to do with broccoli.

This article originally appeared on and is published here with permission from the author.