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New poll shows 45% of LGBTs backing Trump

A poll by dating app Hornet showed a swell of support for President Trump in 2020



NBC News

A survey of 1,200 LGBTs in the United States found 45 percent of respondents planned to vote for President Donald Trump in the 2020 general election. 51 percent reported they would vote for his Democrat rival, former vice president Joe Biden.

The poll, conducted by the gay dating app Hornet, asked 10,000 users worldwide about which U.S. presidential candidate they supported. Outside the U.S., 66 percent of worldwide users supported Biden and 34 percent supported Trump, with support for Trump being much higher in the U.S, reports Newsweek.

According to the survey, only 11 percent said they disagree with Trump on most issues. Nine percent said they agree with Trump on some issues and disagree with him on others. 27 percent of those surveyed in the U.S. said they either mostly or fully supported Trump. A further 10 percent of U.S.-based users they “do not support [Trump] at all” but that they will vote for him regardless.

Two countries outside the U.S. reporter a majority of support for Trump over Biden. In Taiwan, 47 percent supported Biden and 51 percent supported Trump. In Russia, 38 percent supported Biden and 58 percent supported Trump.

The survey indicates a swell of support for President Trump since the 2016 election among LGBTs. Exit polls that year found at least 75 percent of LGBT voters supported Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton over Trump. A reported 14 percent favored Trump.

Despite enduring falsehoods about the Trump administration’s records on LGBT rights, many LGBTs have applauded the president’s record and steps Trump has taken to walk back moves by the previous administration, many done in the name of gay rights but largely seen as unconstitutional overreach.