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Tammy Bruce calls out Hollywood’s silence on child exploitation

“This is a warning for our society,” Tammy Bruce said on Fox News.



In a searing interview Thursday evening, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce laid into powerful Hollywood elites and Democrats who’ve remained “curiously silent” over what she calls rampant exploitation and sexualization of children in the entertainment business.

“This is a warning for our society,” Bruce said, claiming the industry is normalizing the sexualization of children.

The interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight followed a massive controversy last week involving the Netflix release of the film Cuties, about a dance troupe of 11-year-old girls that critics say highly sexualizes children. Bruce pointed out powerful Democrats who are connected to Netflix–such as former president Barack Obama and former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, both who sit on the board of Netflix– for their marked silence on the controversy.

“A word from any of these people could stop this in its tracks,” she said.

Bruce also acknowledged the culture of sex abuse in Hollywood, from disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein to deceased billionaire and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as well as the collapse of the #MeToo movement with increasingly fewer women in Hollywood continuing to raise awareness, she said.