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Andy Ngo: Antifa is more than an ‘idea’

Liberal politicians and media give antifa the mainstream legitimacy they need to grow.




Journalist Andy Ngo: Joe Biden tells us antifa is an idea.

Well, ideas alone do not maim, injure, or kill people. Antifa’s “idea” manifests into an ideology that calls for the overthrow of liberal democracy. 

My name is Andy Ngo. I’m a journalist in Portland, Oregon. And I’m Out Spoken.

What is ANTIFA?

Antifa claim to simply be people who are against fascism but this is a lie to hide their true violent extremist beliefs. Antifa is a worldwide movement of terrorists and those who support terrorism. They organize into collectives, groups and cells with the singular focus of bringing about anarchy and communism by any means necessary. 

That means using violence. How do I know? They hunted me down and beat me so severely last year that my brain bled.

Antifa have existed on the fringes of the far-left for decades, but they’ve now moved into the mainstream with the help of Democrats who foolishly believe they are actually “anti-fascists.”

Liberal politicians across the board have struggled to denounce the organized violence carried out by antifa. Even worse, some of them give them the mainstream legitimacy they need to grow. 

Keith Ellison, the Former Deputy Chairman for The Democrat Party and the current attorney general for the state of Minnesota, proudly shared a selfie holding Mark Bray’s “ANTIFA Handbook.” Proceeds from that book actually go toward the international antifa defense fund. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, his son, Jeremiah, who serves on the Minneapolis city council, publicly declared his support for antifa during the height of the riots that convulsed that city in May.

The response from politicians like Kamala Harris and other Democrats was to promote the $35 million bail fund for rioters and those accused of violent crimes.

Furthermore, when I spoke at a senate hearing on antifa violence this past summer, Hawaii Democrat senator Mazie Hirono stormed out of the room.

Despite what you read and see from biased journalists, President Trump has made repeated clear denunciations of the far-right and their violence.

Unfortunately, Democrats not only refuse to denounce antifa’s violent extremism, they pretend they don’t even exist. 

Antifa is not merely an idea. In Portland, a shooter who wrote a manifesto calling himself “100% antifa” killed a Trump supporter in downtown in late August. Heather Heyer’s life mattered. And so did the life of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

Antifa’s “idea” nearly ended my life on 29 June 2019. I’ve been working on recovery for more than a year. They continue to send me death threats and show up to my family’s home to terrorize my loved ones.

I have watched hordes of violent thugs in my home city burn, riot, and kill  for over 120 days. They’ve hijacked racial justice. They’ve hijacked gay rights. They promise utopia but all I see them leave behind is ash, rubble, and blood.

You call this an idea? I call this terrorism.

I’m Andy Ngo. And I’m Out Spoken.