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Biden’s big, gay, Marxist clown show

Does the White House want Americans to think all gay people are this ridiculous?



Interior Department spokesperson Tyler Cherry was promoted to associate communications director at the White House.

It’s apparently written somewhere that in order to work at senior levels of the Biden Administration as a gay or lesbian you also have to either be an anti-social weirdo or, more efficiently, a black woman.

The name Tyler Cherry first defiled American timelines less than a year ago, when the X account @LibsofTikTok revealed a Marxist crossdresser was working in Biden’s Interior Department. Now the gender-bender has gotten a promotion, to a White House communications assistant role. The job change news was eclipsed, however, by social media users revisiting Cherry’s online musings–which were nearly as distracting as his porn-stache. They revealed Cherry to be one of those unseemly queers with deep disdain for anything normal and American.

“Past social media posts from when I was younger do not reflect my current views. Period,” Cherry wrote on X after his past posts were combed through. “I support this Administration’s agenda – and will continue my communications work focused on our climate and environmental policies.”

Whatever you say, sweaty. Cherry is only in his early 30s and not an elder statesman with years of wisdom to reflect on. His professional resume doesn’t seem to support a redemption arch–he hails from the left-wing Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America. That’s just the kind of fertile breeding ground that produces someone like him— a resentful freak who hates his family, calls everyone racist, and wears women’s makeup to his own wedding.

Past social media posts by Cherry include calling his family a bunch of bigots, celebrating the time he “ruined” Thanksgiving dinner — which seems to be an Olympic sport for leftists— and cheering on the savage Muslim terrorists that dwell in Gaza. He also compared police officers to “slave patrols.”

But the Biden White House is nothing if not consistent. Cherry is as obnoxious as every other prominent administration official who identifies as non-heterosexual. It’s one big, gay clown show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that almost seems by design.

The not-entirely-feminine transgender Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary, Admiral Dr. Rachel Levine, stalks around in a Navy military skirt and heels, despite having never served, thrusting forth an imposing figure with a hulking silhouette. That is, when Levine isn’t running a clandestine pressure campaign to remove age limits from so-called “gender affirming surgery” for minors.

Recall Sam Brinton, the kleptomaniac who pranced around federal offices in bald head, striking red lipstick, and ornate ladies’ gowns. That was the president’s “non-binary” Energy Department official and it turned out he stole some of his preposterous dresses from airport baggage claims. He was also an exhibitionist who led lectures on kinky sex.

Then there was the White House monkeypox czar, Demetre Daskalakis–half doctor, half thirst trap–who looked more like patient zero desperately striking a pose in leather fetish gear and speedos all over social media.

Is it too much to ask for some normal gays to be on the federal payroll?

Even Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg comes off as a sort of minstrel. While the McKenzie fellow, son of a Marxist professor wants people to think he’s an all-American quarterback, that miserable, twee husband of his makes you wonder. And who can forget, as the nation reeled from Covid-19 and a supply chain catastrophe, the two of them posing for a photo in a hospital bed with the children they purchased, as though they’d just birthed the little darlings themselves?

It’s not just government workers, but special guests invited to the White House. That TikTok influencer, Benny Drama, the White House commissioned to make Biden seem cool in the early months of Biden’s presidency was a loathsome mess, starring in a video wherein Drama pretended to be a frivolous intern in press-ons.

Last week, Vice President Kamala held a special reception for Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness, who showed up wearing a muumuu, or something, and gave an over-the-top performance of gushing and cooing and giggling, before attempting a comedy routine where he pretended to hold a press conference. No one laughed, but millions shuddered.

Lucky for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre, she’s a Democrat sacred cow (a black woman) so despite being gay, she doesn’t have to make giant, obnoxious displays in order to keep her job–even if she’s really, really bad at that job.

Nonetheless, they’ve all turned out to be predictably terrible government workers because modern Democrats place professional performance a distant second to grotesque virtue signaling and shock-factor. Maybe they should try hiring a normal gay person sometime, just to see if there’s any improvement.