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Is AOC a liar or delusional when she wields the rainbow shield?

The socialist, heterosexual congresswoman cries ‘homophobia’ when confronted by protestors.



Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be mortal enemies with reality. The world as it is appears to be completely foreign to her. This past week, she has exhibited yet another example of spinning a fanciful tale that never actually happened.

At a town hall-style event, some impassioned New Yorkers confronted the young socialist and protested her radical policies, such as defunding the police. At one point, the protest turned into heckling as the fed up citizens shouted, “AOC has got to go!”

Videos of the exchange and protest swept through Twitter like wildfire. At one point, AOC was seen smirking and dancing to the rhythm of the outcries. Then, when the protesters had clearly gotten under her skin, she shouted into the microphone “Listen! Listen!” in a very affective, whiny, and condescending Latina accent.

Days after the incident, AOC finally tweeted her delusional reply to the internet buzz of the heckling pulling an anti-LGBT narrative completely out of her, as Alex Stein would say, “big booty Latina” ass.

“These homophobes were yelling Westboro Baptist-style anti-LGBT+ slogans. What do you think I’m gonna do? Take them seriously? If you want to associate w/ their views, that’s your business. But NY-14 will ALWAYS have a champion for LGBTQ+ people on my watch. Period,” AOC tweeted.

In the video AOC quote-tweeted, there is absolutely no evidence of homophobic rhetoric. The signs in the background of the video being waved by protesters show disdain for the United Nations and support for Tina Forte, the Republican looking to unseat AOC. Her tweet seems to insinuate that these protesters came with the explicit intention to be homophobic. Typically if one comes to protest for a specific reason, their signage and accoutrement will reflect that reason.

Still, as any good writer or researcher, I scoured the internet for more footage of the event just to make sure my AOC-bashing was justified and done in earnest. In a longer video, out of the dozens of protesters, there were two people who even mentioned anything LGBT related. One was a woman who shouted, “There are only two genders.” First of all, she is correct. Second, the statement is frankly not homophobic or “anti-LGBT.”

The other heterosexual protester simply was asking for a clarification of a policy that gives access to affordable housing solely to LGBT people. “So if I don’t have butt sex, I can’t have a place to live, but if I do, I’m good?” the man asked in a very calm and matter-of-fact way. Not only was his question somewhat humorous, it was totally justified considering what seems to be a discriminatory policy.

Somehow AOC was able to spin two innocuous, and completely valid statements into “yelling Westboro Baptist-style anti-LGBT+ slogans.” There were no fire-and-brimstone condemnations. There was no catchy Lady Gaga parody.

AOC, again either out of ignorance or intentional deception, then tweeted, “And by the way these anti-LGBTQ+ protesters were @LeeZeldin fans so that should tell you all you need to know about that dude.” Zeldin is the Republican candidate for governor of New York and recent polls have him tied with Democratic incumbent Kathy Hochul. Zeldin’s running mate, Allison Esposito, is a 20-year vet of the NYPD and openly lesbian.

As insinuated previously, this is not the first time AOC has flat-out fabricated events. After the January 6, 2021 incident at the U.S. Capitol, she insisted that she was suffering from some kind of post traumatic stress disorder and feared for her life when in reality she was not in any danger and was not even in the building. Of course, she doubled down linking her trauma to that of a sexual assault survivor. This disgusting rhetoric makes light of people who actually have experienced trauma and sexual assault.

Is AOC a liar or just batshit crazy? Is she spinning this protest against her into an act of homophobia to secure votes? Or did she truly hear “Gays will burn in hell” as hecklers shouted “AOC has got to go”? Frankly, either scenario makes her unfit to serve in government. Let’s just hope the people of NY-14 realize that this time around.