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Castro Valley elementary school principal believes in training students to be ‘agents of change’

Even Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell gave his unwanted opinion on the matter.



The Castro Valley School District in San Francisco, Calif., recently painted murals of the monstrosity known as the Progress Pride flag on all of the schools in their district. In tandem with the murals, the school board also approved the use of propagandistic anti-bias curriculum centered on sexuality and gender, something the district calls “Social-Emotional Learning Lessons.” What started as a simple suggestion by two students of a rainbow painted walkway at the local high school was quickly hijacked by administrators and turned into a chance to indoctrinate elementary school kids.

After I wrote about this story last week, a protest was organized by Bay Area Against Mandates and the California chapter of Gays Against Groomers. The protest took place outside of the school board meeting.

The flyer for the protest read, “School should be about learning Math, Science, and English. CRT, Transgender Theory, etc. have no place in our educational system!” It went on to say, “Join us as we peacefully stand together against the indoctrination of our children!”

Furthermore, the two groups put out a joint media statement that preemptively pushed back on the notion that either group was racist or homophobic. They wrote, “We are not ‘anti-LGBTQ+’ or ‘anti-BIPOC’ as our groups consist of members who would be classified into both of the communities.”

Nonetheless, one of the principals and lead indoctrinators of a Castro Valley elementary school, Patrick Hansen-Schmitt, sent out a text message warning staff that a homophobic protest was planned after the meeting. The text message read, “Head’s up!: It’s important to know that there’s an online group that has planned an in-person protest after the meeting against the visual support of our LGBTQIA families/students in the pride flag murals on CVUSD’s schools. Homophobia lives in the Bay, too.”

Of course Hansen-Schmitt paints the protest as an attack on LGBT students and families when in reality it is a referendum on the proselytizing he and his colleagues try to force on impressionable minds. Just looking at Hansen-Schmitt’s philosophy on education is frightening. “Students leave school as emotionally literate, intellectually curious, and socially conscious agents of change who have an appreciation and curiosity for difference and the skills necessary to create positive and long-lasting change in their communities,” his LinkedIn profile states. He tries to make his intentions sound innocent, but reading between the lines, phrases like “socially conscious,” “emotionally literate,” and “agents of change” come straight from the DEI playbook. He is not interested in educating your child to be successful. He wants to groom a new generation of activists, and he freely admits that.

Hansen-Schmitt was not the only one to demonize the anti-grooming protesters. The Advocate added to the dogpile calling the protesters “right-wing radicals.” Interestingly, the article posted on the Advocate’s website only targets Gays Against Groomers. They completely ignored Outspoken’s coverage on the issue, and they make no mention of Gays Against Groomers coconspirators, Bay Area Against Mandates. The Advocate cannot feign ignorance of the partnership of these two groups as they posted a picture of the protest flyer bearing the other group’s logo and name.

It seems fairly obvious that this selective targeting is an aim to discredit a group whose name directly calls out what the Advocate is defending, the sexual grooming of children. LGBT activists have tried to demonize and shut down the group since its inception, and now that Twitter is chastising accounts for using the supposed slur, they have more ammunition and allies to go after a group who is simply seeking to protect the innocence and purity of youth.

Even Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell gave his unwanted opinion on the matter. “It’s a blatant lie to suggest that the Castro Valley School District is teaching our kids anything besides the skills they need to compete in the 21st-century economy,” he told the Advocate. “Suggesting anything else is intentional disinformation that can lead to violence.”

Swalwell may consider “Social-Emotional Learning Lessons” and anti-bias curriculum to be a needed skill to compete in the 21st-century economy, but most Americans would probably disagree. Swalwell advocating for this type of grooming and indoctrination instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic certainly does not help American students compete with Russian or Chinese students. It makes them weaker in comparison. Perhaps Fang Fang enticed him to champion the creation of a generation of less educated and sexually confused Americans during a post-coital cigarette.

Whether it is leftist politicians, media, or school administrators, American parents are now seeing their enemies for what they are. The politicians and media showed their true colors long ago. But the one place parents thought their children were safe was in school. Activist educators like Hansen-Schmitt took advantage of that trust, and he is just one of hundreds across this country. While parents have no direct say in the principals who run their children’s schools, they do have a say on school board members. And we are clearly due for a big shake-up in educational representation.