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‘Rainbow pork’ peppers massive $1.7 trillion spending bill

Which version of history will be on display?



The government spending bill that recently passed both houses of Congress truly lives up to the moniker “omnibus”. Since the clock was running out on the funding that allowed the government to feign functioning, the legislation needed to pass in a timely manner. However, the amount of pork that was jammed into this bill is enough to make even Americanized Muslims like Ilhan Omar squeamish.

One important and juicy piece of pork that was included and almost overlooked was the reform of the Electoral Count Act. The ambiguous and vague original legislation is what led to the events of January 6, 2021. The fact that an important and history-altering piece of legislation was stuffed into an over 4,000-page controversial bill right before a new Congress is sworn in is suspicious to say the least.

Another more rancid piece of pork that is pissing off the environmentalists allows U.S. lobster fishers to continue to use tools that apparently kill a specific species of whale that is on its way to extinction. The Center for Biological Diversity is not very happy with the man who allowed this section to be included in the bill. Exhibiting her displeasure with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Stephanie Kurose, a senior policy specialist at the Center for Biological Diversity said, “Extinction is a political choice, and Schumer just made it clear that he’s willing to pander to special interests over protecting these mighty giants.”

But perhaps the most outrageous special interest spending was the rainbow pork that peppered the bill. The $1.7 trillion price tag for this legislation included over $11 million designated for special LGBT-themed projects. While these projects are being funded by national tax dollars via federal legislation, they have the potential to serve only a small sector of the LGBT community, often at state and municipal levels.

In one example, $750,000 will go to establish “LGBT and Gender Non-Conforming Housing” in Albany, N.Y. Cynicism and realism might lead one to believe that this will devolve into a tranny brothel in a literal New-York-minute. However, I will be charitable and give it the benefit of the doubt. Housing for displaced LGBT youth in Albany could be a worthwhile endeavor, but the state of New York should be responsible for funding it, not the entire country. If a young gay man in Mississippi were expelled from his home due to his sexuality, would he be taken in by this new shelter? No, but his tax money would have gone to pay for it.

Another $3 million is earmarked for a LGBT museum in New York. Theoretically this could be a valuable asset for the community. It could be a tourist attraction showcasing LGBT American history for all to enjoy. However, which version of history will be on display? Considering the chokehold the left has on the LGBT community and their penchant for rewriting history, I imagine trite and disproved statements like “Trans women of color started the gay rights movement” plastered on the walls behind a jar containing Rachel Levine’s pickled testicles. Suffficeth to say, it would not be in competition with the Smithsonian.

Of course arguing over funding for these ridiculous projects is only justified when the country is economically healthy and has money to waste. Currently the U.S. does not fit either of those descriptions. With high inflation rates, an ever increasing deficit, the looming threat of a recession, a homelessness epidemic, and an open and unsecured border, to say that we have bigger fish to fry would be a lesson in understatement. Issues like the safety and financial security of Americans should take precedence over aid to Ukraine and luxury spending on these special interest LGBT projects that in reality will help no one. This reckless and asinine spending exhibits perfectly why Congress has sustained an abysmally low approval rating