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First Lady Melania Trump gets outspoken

In an exclusive video, First Lady Melania Trump discusses her support for gay conservatives.




First Lady Melania Trump: America is a place where you can be anything you want. Your opportunities are endless because our country provides so many chances to succeed.

As First Lady of the United States, I know how much my husband loves the American people and I know his passion in life is to see all the citizens of this great country do well and prosper.

Donald is the businessman who never worked in politics. The ultimate outsider, and that earned him many enemies in the political establishment.

I was shocked to discover that some of these powerful people have tried to paint my husband as anti-gay, or against equality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Donald loves helping people, and he loves seeing those around him, and his country, succeed.

As leader of the Republican party and president of the United States, Donald has been clear that gays and lesbians will be treated as he has always treated them: equally. Donald is the first president to enter the White House supporting gay marriage. Donald is also the first president to appoint an openly gay official to his cabinet.

The story of America is one of trailblazers and fearless underdogs. Today we see free-thinkers and independent voices–like gay conservatives and Log Cabin Republicans–silenced, censored, and bullied by cancel culture mobs.

This is not the America any of us want to live in. America was founded on God-given rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression. We are a nation that celebrates and protects diversity and we condemn those who bully and intimidate people.

We do not want to live in a place without freedom, where everyone is forced to think alike.

My husband sees the promise of America and all her citizens moving onward as we recover from many challenges. Even if you don’t agree with my husband about everything, you have the right to say it. That is the America way; let’s protect it.

I’m First Lady Melania Trump. I support the Log Cabin Republicans, and I am unapologetically outspoken.

God bless you all. And God bless our beautiful nation.