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Escape From New York

‘We’re living in Hell!’ New Yorkers demand Cuomo resignation

From nursing home deaths to sexual assault allegations, members of Log Cabin Republicans-New York speak out against Cuomo.



Some members of the Log Cabin Republicans-New York and their allies got together in a video to demand the resignation of Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

If skyrocketing crime, soaring deficit, draconian lockdowns, and a mass exodus of people fleeing the state weren’t enough, recent scandals involving nursing home deaths and sexual assault allegations have rocked the embattled, dynastic governor.

Still, Cuomo is defiant and insists he will not leave office, despite growing calls from Democrats in his state to impeach him.

Featuring Vice President of the Manhattan GOP Pete Holmberg, Metropolitan Republican Club President Ian Walsh Reilly, Log Cabin Republicans Tri-State Chairman Ashton Randle and others.